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Gabrielle's Offerings

Mens Group Circle
Social Justice
Tantric Energy Work
Guided Plant Medicine
Conscious Workshop

Tantric Energy Work (need info)

Sexuality & Consent Training (need info)

Guided Plant Medicine Journeys (need info)

Conscious Workshop (need info)

“Depression and anxiety is the soul’s inability to wield its power”

Shades of Becoming

Life Guiding

The act of “Becoming,” is the process of aligning to all that your heart, soul and mind intended for you to touch, see, feel, BE. The evolution of accessing more joy, more authenticity, more soul resonate connection in both your internal and external world. I will take you on a deep investigative dive into what’s driving your unserving thought patterns and behaviors. I will support you in uncovering your highest self to actualize your full potential and purpose. I will be a witness and participant in empowering you to start where you are with One-on-One guidance that sheds light on your power to truly transform.

  • One-on-One Customized Life Guidance 
  • Based on your Individual Needs, Intentions & Goals
  • Includes: Shamanic Rituals, Energy & Shadow Work, Honing in On Desires, Needs & Boundaries and Living a Life of Sovereignty & Empowerment & Purpose
“You don’t have to be perfect to create healthy love. You don’t have to have healed everything or be some kind of finished product to be in a dynamic that is loving and expansive. All you need is to be willing to explore yourself and your partner, to continue to wake up and prioritize awareness, and to commit over and over again to your inner healing work.”

Shades of Intimacy

Intimacy Guiding

Vulnerability births intimacy. Intimacy is not limited to sexuality, but sharing a meal, a cry or an adventure as well. There is a beauty within the contrast of intimacy. The celebration of another, and the holding of another in their light when they are drowning in their own darkness. Conscious relationships both Monogamous and Ethically Non-Monogamous are hard work. Although, both dynamics pose their individual challenges, both serve as fertile grounds for transformation both as an individual and a unit.

  • One-on-One Customized Relationship Guidance
  • Based one Needs, Intentions & Goals
  • Includes: Medicine Journey’s, Conscious Dialogue and Communication Practice & Training, Clarity on Unmet Childhood Needs/Wounds, Empathy Building, Shamanic Tools & Rituals Paving The Way for a Greater Sense of Depth and Intimacy in Relationship
“The healing journey of embracing + reclaiming the shamed, rejected, repressed, + taboo parts of who we are with love, compassion, + understanding. By doing so we become whole with our light + shadow selves.”

Shades of Shadow

Shadow Hunting

The “Shadow” refers to any part of ourselves we are unaware of or have yet to integrate into our being. The shadow lives in the subconscious unconscious and therefore is not acting from a place of awareness and integrity, unless it is fully embraced and acknowledged. It consists of the parts of ourselves we disown and attach feelings of shame to. To let it go or allow it to live in the light, we must first acknowledge its existence.

  • One-on-One Shadow Stalking & Hunting Guidance
  • Must Be Willing to Surrender Your Ego/Perception of SelfIncludes: Shamnic Tools, Rituals & Processes, Homework, Full Integration of Shadow Work as Related to Navigating Fears, Desires and Boundaries
“The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Shades of Social Justice

Social Justice Education

We all bleed red. We are all one living breathing organism with each counterpart affecting the whole. Why be part of the problem if you could instead, be part of the solution?  Show up with radical understanding, show up with radical compassion, show up as an ally.. It doesn’t matter what fashion you show up in, so long as you show up ready and willing to take a good hard look at yourself!

  • One-on-One Customized Guidance
  • Shamanic Tools & Rituals Uncovering, Shedding & Healing The Parts of You That Don’t Serve The Collective World
  • Teaching Through a Socially Conscious Lens Certification: Coming Soon

A note on social justice...

I believe what the world needs right now.. what the call to action is amidst the biggest civil rights movement the world has ever known.. is a deep heart receive the collective pain of those who do not reflect us.. racism, sexism, classism..they are all in the same family.. I don’t know your ancestry, your lineage..I can’t pretend to know.. but..for you, a man with white passing privilege this may mean opening your heart to the baggage both women and BIPOC carry not only each and everyday day, but on ancestral level as well.. 

I believe a part of social justice work.. is not only the heart opening, but the owning of your own role in the perpetuation of ism’s.. racism.. sexism.. etc. we all have a shadow to own in it.. to create more love, more healing.. saying I thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am so sorry is a beautiful place to start.

I respect if you choose to take a more intellectual approach.. but at the end of the day.. I invite you to ask yourself.. “how do I want to show up in the world today?”…. “do you I want to do harm or do I want to heal?”

“We need to reframe the word, ‘pussy.’ The pussy is one of the strongest and most resilient muscles in the female body. ‘Balls’ on the other hand, flinch and contract when they are touched. To heal the women, we must first look at why we haven’t been healing the men. Once the vulnerable man is given refuge to be seen, felt and heard the healthy masculine and feminine can commune as ONE.”

Shades of Men

Men's Work

In 6 years I’ve lost 4 men to drug and mental illness related deaths. One first love, two family members and one dear friend. It’s not the drugs nor the illness that took them, but rather the isolation of being a prisoner of your mind, society and conditioning as a man.  Men have few safe spaces to connect vulnerably with other men in today’s world.

Women are given ample space to be emotional, but are shamed and called weak and irrational for doing so. Men witness how women are received for being outwardly emotional beings and therefore do not feel safe expressing. Both men and women perpetuate Toxic Masculinity and Femininity. So, how can we expect men to feel safe being vulnerable with gender toxicity at large?

We can’t. We need to create those safe spaces for men to connect, express and heal shame free. We have to cultivate safety and a sense of belonging for all walks of life to bring greater healing to the collective. 

  • Annual membership to Men’s Group, includes:
  • Biweekly support group & 101 check-ins with The Shadow Huntress (online & in-person options)
  • Monthly Guided Men’s Medicine Circles on topics of: forgiveness, ego, identity, shame, shadow, fear and so on.
  • Annual Men’s Retreats: Accessing Your Aware Feminine & Masculine, and Accessing Your Hurt & Healthy Inner Child